The amount of pet food recalls reached an alarming rate. Panic has stricken the hearts of several concerned, and dog owners around the world and several men and women who rely on commercial pet goods are always worried that they may be inadvertently killing their pets.Image result for Pet Food Quality

Last March, a Canadian pet food company named Menu Foods recalled more than 90 manufacturers of their moist dog and cat food after 14 animals died as a result of eating their merchandise. A short period after, the company withdrew 20 more of their brands from the shops.

Wheat gluten was discovered into the offender, and it was found that large batches of wheat gluten used in several pet food brands were infected with rat poison. Salmonella is also a significant concern as many pet products have been found to be contaminated with this dangerous bacterium.

Diamond Foods, another company that produces pet foods also generated contaminated products and lots of dogs fell sick and died after eating the company’s dry dog foods. It was discovered that the pet food had been contaminated with aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a chemical that’s produced by fungi found on common crops such as wheat, corn, beans and rice. This chemical has been shown to be toxic to livestock, domestic animals and humans.

Most pet owners need what’s best for their pets, and also the most folks place a great deal of thought and care to what they feed their beloved creatures. What could be done to safeguard their pets from those hidden dangers?

FDA regulations explicitly say that pet food needs to be manufactured within strict guidelines just like human food. Pet food also needs to be corrected and tagged, and it should be secure for animal consumption.

Food makers are expected to stick to these strict rules and guidelines to ensure that their products are secure, but due to limited funds, the FDA is unable to monitor companies thoroughly. They can only do it after receiving complaints or should they have reason to believe there is a threat. Only then are they able to declare a damaging substance or ingredient was discovered in a particular brand of pet food.

If your pet has consumed a harmful product, it may be devastating, and this is why it is essential to stay abreast of current happenings in the pet food sector through the news and online resources to avoid such a tragedy from happening.

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