Assess any Yellow Pages directory heading from 1 year to another and see just how many ads decreased in size, or vanish.

Here are a few little secrets although your Yellow Pages rep won’t ever tell you but may save you a fortune.

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1. A colored ad will double the number of calls that you will get a black and yellow advertisement. The truth: There is not any study with any independent research company that supports any increase in forecasts. Many big advertisers drop the color whenever they have to pay for it and will use color when it’s free. These advertisers monitor their calls and see no real difference in black or colored and yellow ads.

2. The maximum calls will be received by the most significant ad in a heading. The truth: the ad will receive the calls.

3. The page.jaune. publisher will design an ad for you. The truth: Allowing the publisher design your advertisement could ensure it is the most expensive ad design you could cover. Paying to get a professionally constructed Yellow Pages advertisement is far better than spending cash on dimensions or color.

4. There is A display ad obviously better than an in column advertisement. The fact: I have many clients who have increased their calls from their Yellow Pages advertising by going column instead of the display ad that they had. They were able to reduce what they had been spending by 75%.

5. You’re better off spending money in your Yellow Pages advertising than on the world wide web. The fact: This year individuals have used the Internet for company search then used the published Yellow Pages.

6. If you buy a Yellow Pages advertisement you, the telephone will ring off the hook. The fact businesses than I could count are put out of business by simply paying for ads in the Yellow Pages they couldn’t afford. A new advertiser should be quite conservative in the dimensions of their advertisement they purchase. There is no guarantee you will receive one telephone, yet you have to pay the bill each month for the following calendar year.

7. Put your name in print near the peak of the advertisement. The truth: Yellow page publishers suggest this all the time, not to make your phone ring but to appeal to your self. What you do that separates you from your competition should be the headline of your ad. Case in point:” One Hour Service, Guaranteed” Your name along with your telephone number should be at the bottom of the advertisement.

8. The phone companies Yellow Pages directories have been used the most and is the place you should advertise. The truth: All directories which are distributed to taxpayers and businesses are used. Almost always the phone companies directories have been used the most, but you may find a deal. There will be competition in your headings.